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Actually, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rich in opportunities and aspirations. Existence of a climate attractive to the local, regional and international businesses is attributable, inter allia, resources diversification, and refrain by the government form depending on the oil and gas, the deliberately favorable legal and economic, market liberalization along with the ever-growing desire to increase the private sector participation.

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Experience in the proceedings before the various judicial bodies and in providing legal advice in various aspects

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We are widely experienced in offering assistance to the institutions in encountering the challenges normally arising out during the business. Besides, we are in possession of abilities necessary for anticipating occurrence and exaggeration of the legal issues and matters; we guarantee quality and compliance of the legal consultations with the international and local laws and regulations.

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The legal team of the company has extensive experience in these systems, which makes it eligible to provide these services

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Wasl Law Firm represents a collection of highly valuable corporations, professional offices, governmental institutions and individuals.