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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rich in opportunities and aspirations. The different varieties of resources, the historical depend on oil and gas, the legitimate and economical reformation, market liberalization, growing desire to increase the private sector participation helped to create an attractive climate for local, regional, and international businesses.

Having a deep-seated and inveterate existence, wasl Law Firm is committed to provide high quality legal services to their clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Such quality comes out from deep understanding of the market, care for satisfying the clients’ prospects and endeavoring to go beyond their expectations.

Who we are:

Wasl Law Firm is a qualified law firm and as a result of its deep understanding to the market and the needs of the clients it is commissioned to practice law and provide highly professional legal services to all segments of the society beside public and private corporations and institutions inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Wasl Law Firm’s action teams, in addition to having preeminent relations, are as highly experiences, knowledgeable and proficient as necessary and desirable for the businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. In parallel, they are in possession of the ability needed to achieve the intended results in accordance with the highest professional standards. The Working Group are fully cognizant and perceptive of the clients’ needs. Depending on the best professional practices, they can secure all requirements and innovative solutions for the legal issues and matters, and to offer the optimal legal opinions. Our action team   provide services to a wide and variable collection of clients including but not limited to the owners of the regionally and internationally famous trademarks, Saudi local multi-businesses companies, public corporations, and family enterprises.  Wasl Law Firm has become in possession of an expansive experience, huge knowledge, and variety of sources necessary for provision of the required assistance to the clients in connection with the different legal needs.

For the  purpose of attaining success to our clients, Wasl Law Firm action team provide innovative and pragmatic legal solutions whether in connection with assistance to the Saudi companies to perform the development plans on the local or international levels or in connection with assistance to international clients seeking to enter, for the first time,  into practice business in the Saudi marketplace or to have business with governmental agencies to help them in implementing their national agenda.

| Our Visions

We are pursuing to make Wasl Law Firm the most credible and everlasting law firm for our clients. To do so, we always seeking to ascertain our client’s ultimately furthermost satisfaction by provision of a uniquely highest quality services.

| Our Mission

We support our clients’ businesses to be more legal and secured. Therefore, we provide our client, within the shortest time, with the optimally matchless legal cover and preeminently distinct consultations.

| Our excellence Secret

Our compliance with systematic work and transparence in relation with our clients and giving top priority to our clients’ satisfaction are accountable for our uniqueness.

Local Market Understanding:

  • No doubt understanding the local market, through our existence and extensive geographical coverage, gives reinforcement to our understanding of the regulatory and political environment and the Saudi cultures and norms.
  • We are widely experienced in offering assistance to the institutions in encountering the challenges normally arising out during the business. Besides, we are in possession of abilities necessary for anticipating occurrence and exaggeration of the legal issues and matters; we guarantee quality and compliance of the legal consultations with the international and local laws and regulations.

Specialized Expertise:

Our lawyers are classified as per their respective legal specialties whereby our clients receive specialized consultation regarding each matter handled.

| Staff ..

Majed N. Alorene
Majed N. AlorenePartner
Abdulmajeed A. Albatty
Abdulmajeed A. AlbattyPartner
Hussien R. Aldsoky
Hussien R. AldsokyLegal Advisor
Alyasaa H. Alhaj
Alyasaa H. AlhajLegal Advisor
ahmed N. Alorene
ahmed N. AloreneLawyer
Muhannad A. Alsadun
Muhannad A. Alsadun Lawyer
Omran S. Alsuwailem
Omran S. AlsuwailemLawyer
Fahad S. Alsuhaiman
Fahad S. AlsuhaimanLawyer
Faleh A. Alshamry
Faleh A. AlshamryLawyer
Amro A. Albahri
Amro A. AlbahriExecutive Assistant
Ahmed M. Elrashidy
Ahmed M. ElrashidyExecutive Director
Ahmed S. Younis
Ahmed S. YounisAccountant

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